Batterie Sensor

The ForkLink1 battery sensor can be retrofitted for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries in just a few simple steps and provides you with comprehensive energy management thanks to smart algorithms.

RFID Access Chip

Your vehicles can be conveniently started using the ForkLink1 RFID Access Chip (125 kHz or 13.5 MHz).

ForkLink1 MainHub

With the ForkLink1 MainHub, many other sensors and functions can be optionally added to your vehicle.

Schock Alarm

The ForkLink1 Shock Alarm emits an audible signal to the driver when a shock has been triggered.

IoT Device

Thanks to the integrated SIM card and smart algorithms, our ForkLink1 IoT device only requires electricity (12V - 120V) from your vehicle to record the usage data and transmit it to the ForkX platform.

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