Smart fleet management with ForkOn

Smartes Flottenmanagement
Manufacturer independent

Control your fleet vendor independent & transparent within one system.

Intuitive to use

Save time with the help of the clear and user-friendly dashboard.

Real-time data

Our IoT hardware ForkLink1 collects data from your forklifts and analyzes the usage of the entire fleet.

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More than 250 fleet managers start their working day with ForkX.

With ForkOn it’s quick
and easy to reach your goal

Optimise costs

Our fleet management software collects all existing master data about your forklifts and analyses it. You can save up to 25 percent on fleet costs as a result.

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Increase productivity with the Io

Our software-controlled IoT device identifies optimisation potential across daily operations to achieve optimum management of the forklift fleet.

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Increase safety

ForkX identifies potential accidents and causes of damage in advance and helps you to avoid them.

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Automate processes

Our fleet management software automatically collects all business-related data regarding costs and vehicles as well as invoices without the need for any additional personnel.

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AI analysis and recommendations

An intelligent evaluation of all operation and business-related data forms the basis for all recommendations for action. These provide you with optimisation suggestions on how to increase fleet efficiency. The AI-based software records all payments and invoices.

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Save time and money with ForkOn

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ForkOn Prices

ForkLink1 Utilization

from 23,80€ *

+ ForkX Software: 9,90€

All ForkX Features included


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ForkLink1 Utilization, Access control + Shock

from 42,80€ *

+ ForkX Software: 9,90€

All ForkX Features included

Utilization, Access control + Shock

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ForkLink1 Energy Management

plus 13,80€ *

In combination with utilization or the hardware package

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*per forklift/month incl. data transmission

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Understand what moves the logistics industry. Latest industry news and trends in digital forklift truck fleet management.

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