AI-supported fleet analysis

Maximise the efficiency of your forklift fleet

Document management

Work on documents in a timely, transparent and traceable way
ForkOn Dokumentenmanagement
Access all documents at a glance

Whether service reports, invoices, FEM documents or hours worked on repairs, you can keep track of all forklift fleet documentation with the right fleet management software.

ForkOn Verarbeitung
Automatically process invoices, receipts and service reports

Our fleet management software automatically captures all incoming invoices, receipts and service reports and makes them available for further processing without any manual input. They are sorted into financial, maintenance and service costs, allowances and substantive damage for greater clarity. The software automatically assigns all costs incurred to the correct forklift without any extra effort.

ForkOn Dokumentenmanagement
Avoid delays and reduce your forklift costs

Maintenance, repairs and spare parts are unavoidable cost factors. However, with our fleet management software you can keep track of the status of all vehicles currently in operation and their spare parts management. This lets you predict when a forklift will require maintenance and services are only carried out when absolutely necessary. This supports predictive spare parts planning and reduces repair and maintenance times.

Overview of the entire fleet (management)

Keep track of all your forklifts

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Forkon Smartes Flottenmanagement
Forklift fleet management in real time

Want to know how many forklifts are being used, where they are and what they are doing at all times? Then our fleet management software is made for you. It records all forklift trucks, locates them in real time using the existing warehouse infrastructure and identifies how they can be optimally used – intuitively, autonomously and automatically.

Optimum fleet management thanks to effective data use

Our fleet management software collects and analyses all existing master data about your forklifts and visually presents it. It develops concrete recommendations for action based on this for the best possible forklift fleet management without excess storage but with maximum productivity.

Keep track with the right fleet management software

Optimum forklift fleet management using fleet management software involves automatically gathering business-related data regarding costs, vehicles and invoices without any extra effort. This lets you keep track of all ongoing contracts, maintenance plans and FEM checks. And the best thing: once programmed, data is collected and processed completely independently.

Damage management

ForkOn Schadensmanagement
Create more safety in your warehouse

Our fleet management software also helps you to document damage, identify the cause and avoid accidents. It identifies potential accidents and causes of damage in advance and helps you to avoid them. This makes forklift accidents less likely to occur. This increases the safety of your warehouse and results in fewer collisions with greater driving safety.

Increased efficiency thanks to optimum damage management

Our fleet management software helps you to reduce downtime and optimally plan forklift maintenance using digital technician requests and automatically controlled maintenance plans. This lets you use the corresponding resources for each forklift and benefit from increased productivity.

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ForkLink1 (IoT)

Create the optimum fleet
ForkOn Flottenmanagement
Automatically record operating costs and hours

Want to know what each forklift in your fleet is currently doing at any given time? Our ForkLink1 IoT device makes this possible. It captures all hourly operating costs of your forklifts and analyses their use for optimised and extremely efficient forklift fleet management.

Keep track of all forklift costs

Your ForkLink1 (IoT) helps you plan the use and capacity of forklifts, manage journeys, battery charging times and repairs. Our software-controlled IoT device covers optimisation potential across daily operations to achieve optimum forklift fleet management and cost savings.

Perfectly charged and longer usage times

ForkLink1 (IoT) captures the current battery status of your forklifts and detects the optimum charging time of the batteries for tailored battery management and increased battery life.

75 % less violent damage thanks to access control with shock sensor

With the manufacturer-independent system, you have an overview of your entire fleet at all times. The shock sensors attached to the trucks log all unusual jolts or impacts and, in the future, also the time of their occurrence.

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