Smart devices make intelligent forklifts possible

The ForkLink1 smart device is the heart of our fleet management. It collects usage data from the forklifts in real time, aggregates them and sends them to the cloud-based ForkX platform via the integrated SIM card via UMTS in real time. Here the data is then linked and analyzed according to others.

ForkLink1 also makes it possible to manage access to the forklifts for drivers via RFID technology (compatible with almost all common RFID transponder frequencies) in order to get an insight into the driving & break times of the drivers to ensure compliance with legal requirements . With the help of the 3-axis acceleration and structure-borne noise sensor, the ForkLink1 smart device can register vibrations of the forklift truck on the premises and, if an individually adjustable value is exceeded, emit an acoustic warning to the driver so that he can improve his driving behavior.

This has been proven to reduce violent damage by up to 70%. In the past, a great deal of manual effort was required to control energy consumption and the charging behavior of employees. Our energy management records the charging currents of the truck directly at the battery in real time and transfers this information to the ForkX platform. There you can view the charge level and the charging status of each device and evaluate the charging history. Energy savings and optimization of charging behavior are just two of the resulting advantages. With all this data in combination with the commercial data of the forklift fleet, concrete optimization potential can be identified and implemented. Get started today and talk to one of our experts about your specific needs.