Behind our AI analysis: Machine and human power to unlock the potential of your fleet

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field that refers to the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human-like intelligence, such as B. Language understanding, pattern recognition and decision making. The use of AI in intralogistics can help companies improve the accuracy, efficiency and flexibility of their logistics operations, resulting in greater competitiveness and profitability.

ForkOn is Europe’s most comprehensive smart solution for managing and optimizing forklift fleets. With our expert systems projected into our AI analysis, we help you make smart decisions based on data from your own fleet and offer advice and solutions to problems such as energy wastage or forklift abuse, saving you money and time can. Conducting an AI analysis requires a combination of technical skills, such as data analysis and machine learning, and business knowledge to understand the needs and goals of the business.

Our AI analysis therefore combines the best knowledge of our experts with artificial intelligence. In our AI analytics, we collect and process your forklift data, train the AI ​​model according to your business needs, evaluate it and constantly optimize it to recognize patterns and make predictions or decisions based on your data, enabling you to: Achieving your goals more easily and avoiding unnecessary costs. The use of AI in intralogistics can help augment the skills of human workers, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively while reaping the benefits of AI-driven systems.