Access control and shock sensing save you a lot of money.

Securing the forklift truck against unauthorized use” according to DGUV Information 208-004; chapter 7.1 is an important legal requirement for fleet operators. The aim is to protect the forklift from being started and used by unauthorized persons without a forklift license.

An accident resulting from a violation of this standard can even lead to penalties of imprisonment for those responsible. To avoid this, we offer a retrofittable, manufacturer-independent RFID access control system that allows you to control driver access to your forklifts in a legally compliant manner. You can easily grant or block access to individual drivers via cell phone, tablet or your PC. 

By using the personalized RFID transponder, the driver takes responsibility for handling the vehicle when logging in. Our 3-axial acceleration & solid-borne sensor detects vibrations of the forklift and warns the driver acoustically when an individually adjustable threshold value is exceeded, so that the driver improves his driving behavior sustainably. 

In this way, you reduce violent damage by up to 70% and increase safety in operation through fewer accidents.

The protection of your data is very important to us, therefore we also offer the possibility to anonymise the recording of personal driver data, if your works council deems it necessary.