a smart cloud platform that gives you the best overview of your entire forklift fleet

Forklifts are the most important tool in many industries, but their use can also present many challenges. ForkX offer the opportunity to overcome these challenges and fully exploit the potential of your forklifts.

The cloud-based ForkX platform, specially developed by our intralogistics experts, offers you real-time access to all information about your forklift fleet. You have access via your smartphone, tablet or PC to all technical master data of your fleet, contract data, service invoices, RFID driver logins, damage incurred, maintenance cycles, energy consumption, and much more, across locations and manufacturer-independent. Our cloud-based fleet management platform ForkX not only processes the data that is recorded via the ForkLink1 IoT device and sent to the cloud via UMTS, but also commercial data such as invoices or service reports from your service partners. With the help of AI text recognition, the content of receipts, such as the cost of a repair, is automatically recorded and assigned to the respective forklift.

You only have to confirm the allocation with one click and the costs are recorded and allocated. Other advantages of our forklift fleet management system are the reduction of maintenance costs and the improvement of legal security on the company premises. With the help of maintenance management, you always have an overview of when a forklift needs the next maintenance or whether defects have arisen during maintenance or FEM testing. The system contributes to the optimized use of forklifts and helps to avoid unnecessary costs.