Price Overview

Automate processes, increase operational safety, increase productivity, reduce costs with ForkX.

Number of forklifts
ForkX Software
ForkLink One IoT Device (Optional)
ForkX Software Features
Overview master data
Damage management
Document management (automatic OCR document upload)
KPIs to identify & reduce costs
Maintenance mgmt. (Overview maintenance + FEM tests)
AI-supported recommendations for action from commercial data
ForkLink One IoT-Device Features
Operating hours recording (automatically record usage & utilisation)
AI-supported recommendations for action of all data (utilisation, charging cycles, …)
Shock recording
Anti-theft protection through tracking via GPS
Energy management (record battery charge level, charge cycles & energy consumption)
Login access control + driver management
Online support
Telephone support
Contract design with service partners
Personal advice on fleet optimisation
Total price software
Total price hardware
ForkX Basic
ForkX Premium
9,90€(per month per forklift)
19,90€(per month per forklift 
with a duration of 36 months)
ForkX Enterprise
14,90€(per month per forklift)
10,90€(per month per forklift 
with a duration of 36 months)

* monthly per forklift

** monthly per forklift for a term of 36 months

✓ available

✓+ available, additional sensor necessary

(✓) available soon, but is integrated in the ForkLink One IoT device

(✓)+ = available soon, additional sensor necessary