Case Study Spedition Metzger

This freight forwarding company reduced its fleet costs by 15 percent in just 6 months

Service, quality and sustainability: these are the goals set by Metzger Spedition GmbH. The freight forwarding company is always on the lookout for new methods to help them achieve these goals and turned to ForkOn at the start of 2020 to optimise their fleet management.

After implementing ForkX, Metzger Spedition GmbH saved 15 percent of its fleet costs in a matter of months. They were also able to achieve time savings of 9 percent along the supply chain.

Key outcomes:

  • 15 percent reduction in costs within the first six months.
  • Overview of the fleet in real time allows the company to make more flexible and speedier decisions.
  • Time savings of 9 percent were achieved since using ForkX.
  • Capacity was increased by 6 percent for high-rack forklifts alone.

The challenge: The capacity of high-rack forklifts is not transparent. 

Metzger GmbH set itself the challenge of optimising its fleet capacity. However, it lacked the relevant data for making decisions. They require greater transparency for high-rack forklifts in particular. 

The solution: Incorporate IoT device ForkLink One into the high-rack forklifts and identify savings potential in combination with the ForkX software.

ForkOn incorporated the ForkLink One IoT device into the high-rack forklifts which then transfers the data to the ForkX software in real time where it is then collected and evaluated. Savings potential was identified in a number of areas that had remained hitherto unrecognised.

The result: Lower costs, more time and environmentally friendlier use of resources.

The fleet manager at Metzger is now not only able to recognise where they can reduce costs; with ForkX, they are now also informed about their fleet capacity and can make timely decisions in order to maximise it. Cost savings of 15 percent and an efficiency increase of 7 percent were achieved in the first year alone.

I can keep track of the costs and capacity of my fleet at all times. Thanks to this solution, I can track the cost structure of every single vehicle and make decisions in good time.

Philip Bender
Head of Supply Chain & IT Services

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